The Squire – Adjustable Bed


Unavailable for Online Purchase

The Squire comes in XL Twin, Full, Queen, King
Our features for The Squire include a Wireless remote, adjustable head and foot segments to go up or down, a 3" profile with a padded upholstered deck, an optional head board bracket, optional 2" leg spacer to better adjust the height, and an optional 9" adjustable leg that provides a distance off the floor between 11.875" and 18" for the mattress.

We offer an amazing warranty, including 5 years for parts and labor warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on the frame. Warranty applies for the original owner. For King Size adjustable beds with independent adjustment of head and foot sections, we reccommend purchasing two XL Twin adjustable bases and two XL Twin mattresses. A normal king size adjustable bed will only allow for head and foot positions universal across the width of the bed. The king comes in one box and features 6 support legs. When the consumer installs 2 nine volt batteries, then the base will go to flat position in the event of a power failure.